Favorite Places To Go in Hawaii

Some of My Favorite Places To Go

Hawaii Forest and Trail
Hawaii Forest and Trail

Hike Maui

Hike Maui

Native Guide Hawaii
Personal Guide on Big Island

Wildside Specialty Tours
Wildside Specialty Tours

Aro`a Beachside Inn
Rarotonga Children Performing

Polynesian Cultural Center
Polynesian Cultural Center

Official site of the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Alii Luau, located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Hawaii’s top attraction and activity since 1963.

About Our Logo page


Annette’s Adventures uses the lehua mamo, a form of the ‘Ohi’a lehua tree with yellow flowers, for a company logo. The ‘Ohi’a lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha) is the dominant tree in most native Hawaiian forests. A member of the myrtle family, the ‘Ohi’a lehua is an endemic species, ranging from sea level to over 8,000; elevation and from wet to dry forests. It is found only in the Hawaiian Islands. I consider the lehua mamo an extraordinary plant. Since the lehua mamo is not as common as the ‘Ohi’a lehua with red blossoms, when you discover a yellow ‘Ohi’a lehua tree in the forest, you feel privileged and very special.

‘Ohi’a lehua are among the first plants to colonize new lava flows. This pioneer spirit represents my company, Annette’s Adventures, a unique type of travel business. One of the first travel agents in the country to specialize in adventure travel and ecotourism, I offer a personalized vacation planning service to suit your interests in natural and cultural history, your sense of adventure and willingness to try something different, while also taking into consideration your physical ability, your travel budget and the length of your vacation time.

I will help you plan a vacation that is unique, like the lehua mamo.