Travel Planning Services


  • A trip custom designed to fit your individual interests, skill level, concerns and budget
  • Recommendations on tours to Hawaii’s incredible, out of the ordinary places, conducted by local entrepreneurs
  • Travel away from expensive, over-developed resort areas
  • Complete arrangements for air and ground transportation, bed and breakfast accommodations or other small, locally owned inns or lodges


Annette’s Adventures has information and recommendations on:

  • Day Trips Throughout Hawaii
  • Get-aways and Retreats
  • Three-day Holiday Weekend Trips in the Hawaiian Islands
  • Hawaii Bird Watching Tours
  • Wildlife Viewing Locations


Travel is one of your largest investments, one not measured on charts, but by the satisfaction of intellectual and emotional growth. Don’t shortchange yourself in this rewarding aspect of your life. Let Annette’s Adventures help you invest wisely for a memorable vacation.

Compared to other travel agencies, Annette’s Adventures offers many benefits. Annette is one of the few travel consultants specializing in adventure travel and ecotourism. Besides saving you money, Annette can provide you with customized services based on your particular interests and abilities.

Annette’s expertise is putting together tour packages to Hawaii’s unique, off-the-beaten-track places of natural and cultural significance, with a specialty in finding interesting activities and excursions and reasonable priced travel options throughout the islands to accommodate your needs. As a travel consultant, I can find the most flexible and competitive fly-drive packages in Hawaii. I have personally visited many of the recommended bed and breakfasts and small hotels.

Annette charges a service fee based on the number of booking services and itinerary suggestions she provides, ranging from a minimum fee of $50.00 to $200.00. Fee will be determined once planning commences.

Interested in planning a trip with Annette? Call (808) 235-5431 or e-mail to