Annette’s Adventures Sustainability Plan

Annette’s Adventures Sustainability Plan

Legal Compliance

Annette’s Adventures is in compliance with all Federal, State and Local regulations for all products/services, and commits to abide by all necessary permit conditions.

Sustainability Plan

Annette’s Adventures has a written sustainability plan that guides it operations and demonstrates commitment to the Hawaii Ecotourism Association (HEA) sustainability principles, which can be found in the HEA Sustainable Tourism Certification Program for ecotour operators.

Natural Area Focus

Annette’s Adventures provides personal bird watching and guided tours of various natural areas on several islands.  These tours provide a direct, personal nature experience. 

Annette’s Adventures also develops personalized itineraries for visitors interested in hiking, natural and cultural history, bird watching, botanical gardens, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, kayaking and other outdoor activities.  We will select accommodations and activities that contribute to a more sustainable travel model for Hawaii.

Environmental Conservation

The owner of Annette’s Adventures, Annette Kaohelaulii, has received numerous awards for many contributions to environmental conservation.  Her work with the Sierra Club, Hawaii Chapter and Hawaii Ecotourism Association is on-going.  Her involvement with Conservation Council for Hawaii and Hawaii Audubon Society are further evidence of her care and concern for the unique natural environment of the state.

 Sustaining the Community

Annette’s Adventures uses local goods and services whenever possible. Annette’s Adventures is locally owned, which ensures that all profits are spent within the State.